1. Inter Planetary


To travel to other planets by spacecraft, it should be converted to the negative mass and accelerates faster than the speed of light in a twinkling ; to achieve it, a large amount of energy is necessary.

In order to be converted to the negative mass, substance is injected the photon energy with its shorter wavelength than elementary particle.

The photon energy is obtained through a fusion reaction or a matter & anti matter collision.

A matter & anti matter collision is generally used for the negative mass transformation, the reason is that it is easier to obtain the photon energy than a fusion reaction.

Anti matter is available in a vacuum. Applying the high power photon energy, it is separated into matter and anti matter.

Each matter and anti matter is separately stored in plasma containers, which may react with each other and create the photon beam energy when required.

It might as well be worked in a very similar way of electrolyzed water into oxygen and hydrogen and stores in order that the reaction energy is used as a fuel in case of need.





2. Within A Planet’s Atmosphere


Meanwhile, projectile energies for the flight within atmosphere of a planet has to consider the given conditions of each planet.

It can be used as an energy from either photon energy or nuclear fusion energy, but the plasma method from nuclear fusion reaction energy is commonly used.

The plasma method enables spacecraft unrestricted move without any limitations of a three-dimensional space and a gravitational field.