He merely and humorously called himself a common noun, ‘oegain’ or ‘ögain’ (similar to english pronunciation of ‘again’) in Korean, which means ‘extraterrestrial’ or ‘alien’.

When someone asked him, “What dimension do you belong to, and what is your name?”, he answered ;

“이 지구가 속한 우주가 아니라 차원이 의미가 없답니다. 그냥 코드가 23인 외계인 에너지체로 알아주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.”

“I am not from this universe that Earth belongs, so dimensional classification doesn’t mean much to me. And I want you to know I am an immaterial extraterrestrial being who’s just a code number 23.¹ Thank you.”

He introduced above and called himself ‘Extraterrestrial 23’. He was breezy, pure and a man as simple as a child.

More than a few people from various fields – new age pantheists, Buddhists with transcendental solipsism, spiritualists, meditators, nationalists, socialists, humanitarianists, pacifists, realists, UFO religions, channelers, psychic, surrealists and others – clustered around him at that time. (Later, he was arrested on a charge of embezzlement and convicted and sent to serve in prison. Then all but an early twenties guy of them left him.)
Everyone had his or her own definition of what the right way is. But their words and actions were different as one man, almost. They were arrogant and dismissive about him and spoke ill of him behind his back. Some of them even tried to teach him. Their hostility and cruelty were beyond imagination. Their beliefs turned out to be full of sham and hypocrisy. They were not really finding spirituality. Each of them was only acting under the mask of love, justice and spirituality.
Despite their aggression, he never took it personally. He always accepted their blames and tried to look for the best in each person.

Later, it was discovered that he was from the Source and the supreme commander of ‘The Combined Forces of the Grand Universe and Dimensions of the Dark and the Light’. But it is not known if he is still on the forces.

On the other hand, he said about the part that he’s playing that time ;

“널리 알리는 것이 제 임무입니다.
저는 메시져 인포머인 동시에 다른 기능이 있답니다. 프로텍터입니다.”

“It’s my duty to promulgate the information.
I am a messenger and informer. At the same time I have a different role, it is an information protector.”

The way he had worked was not the incarnation or the birth-in but the work-in the replacement of spirit & soul of a person who had just died from a car accident. The dead person was one of the greatest orthopedists (hand surgery specialists) in the world, CEO of a pharmaceutical company and others in the medical business. After he died, his spirit & soul entered the right cycle of reincarnation.


Alongside the memory of the dead person’s lifetime there still remained 10% of his energy was left for the sake of bio-energetic function. A brand new man therefore was born in our standards. After that, the new man had been through both incoming new energies and outgoing old energies which complement an immature human-extraterrestrial hybrid several times.

Just as a reminder of some of what happened during the work-in process (I have arranged these stories in chronological order) ;

The time when he came to earth was Jan, 2005 through the replacement of spirit & soul of the dead orthopedist.
The work-in process was a sort of energy transduction. It took more than 2 years from Jan, 2005.
The creation of a Neoanthropinae was almost completed early in 2007.
Finally, it was completed on Jun 2007! The result is that he had not only new characteristics but also abilities to do spiritual surgery, communicate by the telepathy, access the Akashic records, acquire extraterrestrial technologies and others. Since then, he reveled himself and officially started his work.
After a short visit, he left on December 19, 2007.

Unfortunately I wasn’t on his side during that time. After 4 years since he was gone, I learnt about him. Not until 2011 did I know the descent of extraterrestrials to Earth in human forms.

The reason why extraterrestrial 23 came to Earth was as follows ;

1. Making a survey of ‘the light up Earth project’ on the spot

2. Delivering messages about the present universe situation

3. Examining the adaptation of a genetic modified human body to new surroundings after Earth’s energy changes

4. At the same time, checking the possible problems and trying to minimize side effects to the body

Meanwhile, he informed high vibrational frequency extraterrestrials have been helping Earth people, hiding in daily lives. He talked about the reason ;

“우주의 법칙에서 중요하게 생각하는 것은 지구인들 자체의 의사결정입니다.
이 과정을 거치면서 스스로를 깨닫고 찾아 새로운 은하인간으로 진화하는 것을 외계인들도 오랜전에 거친 과정입니다. 그래서 숨어서 도울 뿐입니다. 우주의 법칙에 따라…”

“The law of the universe determines that making decisions on their own is important. Undergoing this process, they evolve into new galactic humans. Extraterrestrials also had been through that stage. We can only help in hiding. According to the law of the universe…”

And the best feature of his messages was placing emphasis on our own decisions ;

“이제 하늘의 뜻이 땅에서 이루어 질때가 되었읍니다.
지구인들도 이제부터는 우주의 법칙을 따라야 한다는 점을 알립니다.
이제 선택의 시기입니다.
외계인들은 오늘도 지구인들의 일상 생활 속에서
여러분들이 바른 선택을 하는 날을 기다리고 있읍니다.
남은 것은 지구인들의 선택입니다.
이제 그 선택을 할 수 있는 선택이 주어진 것입니다.”

“It’s time to be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
I inform of the fact that Earth people have to follow the law of the universe from now on.
Now it’s time to make a decision.
Extraterrestrials have been waiting for the moment Earth people make the right choice in daily lives.
The only thing left is Earth people’s decision.
The option to choose² is now given you.”
That’s about it.
Next time I’ll post his messages since August 2007.


¹Code number 23 : It’s a string of numbers, two and three. Therefore, we call him ‘Extraterrestrial two three’.

²The option to choose : The option of the choice for our planet’s future.
This statement just proves that some being(s) can give some of us the options for Earth’s future, while others don’t have a choice.