This story is I’ve experienced relevant to an external world. I’m not sure it was real or a dream. To be more precise, it seems both at the same time (like a reality, like a dream). Despite having tried many ways to verify the authenticity of the experience, I haven’t been able to ascertain whether it was true. Because that was the first and last time I met her. If the experience was true, it follows that I’ve met her or other extraterrestrials who know her at least once in responding to my requests after then.

Well whatever it is, this is not a made-up story. But there may be a little subjective interpretation of the experience.

One night early in 2008, the place was my room. It was a night of surreal moments. I felt as if I were floating in the air, so I was trying to pull my body down with difficulty.

After a moment, I became to look up at a visitor who was Caucasian looks of the goddess in Greek mythology wearing tight and shiny bodysuit with the chignon hairstyle.

chignon.jpgA similar type of her hairdo (

I didn’t even think she’s an extraterrestrial, only a mysterious lady from the unknown. But, actually, at that time I had been out of my mind with embarrassment for a while and didn’t know what was happening. So, to be precise, I regarded her as what she was.

She told me something in Corean by telepathy. I don’t specifically remember what she said, but that sounded like “Relax, everything was finished well.” (In the Corean original, “진정하세요, 다 잘 끝났어요.”)

At that time, I didn’t know what kind of things were finished well, however, I thought there might be some things what I didn’t remember or know about, rather, didn’t think much of it because my main concern then was the unexpected visit from a stranger. Though strangely enough, it was the first time for me to see her, but she didn’t seem unfamiliar at all.

She was calm, kind, friendly, elegance, gentle, too beautiful for words – no lady on Earth can equal her in beauty. Besides, she was sacred, inviolable and surrounded with an unknown powerful field of force. I am not sure what it would be a proper comparison ; if I were a 1.5 volt battery, she was a high-voltage tower of transmission line. So I couldn’t bear to look at her, let alone touching her. I had the distinct sense if I touched her body I could have burnt to death.
And, how can I say, her body was a kind of immaterial…!? It looked like she was floating in the air.

Oh, I can never put into words how I felt about her.