At that moment, I felt she had a good feeling toward me ; it might as well be a strong affection for me. I felt warm, comfortable and really happy. And I also had same feelings toward her.

She didn’t say anything but just seemed to be asking me for a yes or no answer on her visit. She kept silence taking a neutral attitude until I decided what I wanted to do.

I didn’t have to think twice to accept her proposal. Without any hesitation I accepted, rather I was eager to be with her asking her not to just leave me. (I am sure that any man would have done the same.)
At the moment I experienced mixed feelings of happiness with her and anxiety about her leaving.

By the way I began to feel like having an intercourse with her. But it was rather something mystical feeling than sexual desire, yes that was very similar and yet very different to the erotic feeling for women I had met before.

Now I think I was crazy then to make bold to have sexual intercourse with a Saint. But, anyway, I instinctively got to want her at that time with an intense feeling of mental and physical attraction toward her. I couldn’t resist the urge.

Soon afterwards, she looked like she was concentrating her mind on me.
It might lead to dozens of points of my body’s response immediately, so I was rising and falling and my full body began to literally boil up. She was floating about 30 centimeters from me and we did perform mutual interchange in forms of energy interactions without a physical contact, moreover, with our clothes on.

She had a tremendous amount of pulling power (or magnetic power). The power was realistic. It’s not merely a subjective judgment but obviously a reality!
I felt a little bit anxiety as if being sucked into her. That was, how can I say it, something like anxiety about merging and disappearing into cave or black hole. Meanwhile, waves of pleasure was rolling throughout my whole body, especially getting a full hard erection for the very first time.

I was shaking all over, trembling like a leaf in extremely orgasm. I used to reach the extreme orgasm for a very short moment when I ejaculate, but I had an extreme orgasm from beginning to end. At the same time certain huge abyss in the shape of a spiral seemed to open up and overwhelmed me all the while. I felt fear, but at the same time I felt the great natural wonder of the cosmos.

 abyss.jpgA similar shape to the abyss that I experienced (