As my consciousness gradually began to return to normal without my knowledge, I suddenly wondered what she was. She was aware of that. It’s clear that she’s reading my mind.

She showed me a kind of telepathic image or video(?) what she was working inside a space ship. She seemed to work at some huge cosmic organization and do something quite important things including Earth-related. At first glance, it looked like a matter of the utmost concern. For some reason, the situation seemed very serious and urgent to affect the ultimate fate of the universe. Somehow I felt oddly overwhelmed by that. It gave me a heavy heart.

As my consciousness almost went back to normal, I could see her face and body clearer. Being aware of that, she showed me her right side of abdomen. Foolishly my eyes were focusing on her weird cloth that I hadn’t ever seen. Her cloth was similar to extraterrestrial crews’ costumes in SF movies. I certainly remember even the texture of the fabric – in my eyes the cloth looked like metal rather than fiber – that the colour was shiny silver and the surface was closely spaced fine dots (or holes).
Years later, I belatedly realized that she tried to inform me of her pregnancy by showing abdomen.

 68JAG61HXTET9QZ.jpgHer costume was similar to the picture above (

After a moment, I looked up at her.
Her face was filled with joy. She seemed to proud of herself, somehow, her nose was particularly high. She was the most wonderful lady in the world to me. I truly admired her.

And after a while, she disappeared all of a sudden, and then I got the feeling that she had to leave, but would be back in the future.
After she left I belatedly began to set the roach-infested and messed-up room in order for a guest. Soon, I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up in the morning and felt like normal, but still had vivid memories of that incident. Nonetheless, I put the experience out of court – it all seemed completely unreal somehow.