After a few days I went to a library and found a similar case that I experienced. That was “Lilith was the first succubus, mother of all succubi”. I thought, ‘As the succubus is like that, I welcome the demons at any time.’

In those days, I hadn’t acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial. Because I was neither convinced that extraterrestrials exist on other planets nor even think of it. As for my view of the world, extraterrestrials were more elusive beings than Santa Claus.

In the years since that tragic event, some books helped me open my eyes and acknowledge the realities of the outside world. I hadn’t got to realize that she was an extraterrestrial until autumn 2010. By then, I began to ask around information about extraterrestrials, extraterrestrial civilizations, channelled entities and others. I devoured books and internet site documents on the subjects in the field.

I saw several UFOs emitting orange-red light and teleporting through space on October 27, 2010 in Seocho-gu, Seoul for the very first time. For several months after that, various forms of UFOs had been seen more than twenty times. But UFOs had seen only once in a blue moon since March 2011, then in September 2012, a UFO transforming into an antique cargo plane with twin propellers was last seen in Gyo-dong, Samcheok City. The transformed flimsy plane could be seen on a World War I or II films, besides, were flying slowly not regular routes but toward the sea – going in the wrong direction – with a loud engine sound. It was really comical even for me an outsider, but none of many inhabitants in the sports park didn’t even look at the airplane.

That was a situation comedy. A bungling extraterrestrial was performing the anachronistic air show in front of crowd with stone faces. My role was only person applauding tepidly the entertainment event.

At all events, it was obvious that they(extraterrestrials?) dynamically changed shape and turned on & off in this physical world. So, if it is, what does the physical world mean to them?

Curtis-C-46Commando.pngA similar plane to the transformed (

Extraterrestrial-related fields such as books, internet site documents and UFOlogy ; the subjects absorbed much interest, yet I felt there were something lacking in them.


They have two fatal flaws ;


1. Unrealistic concept of time

There is a big difference between extraterrestrials and human. It seems a doubtless fact that they’re not limited by our human perception of time. A hundred thousand year is nothing to them, so even if something will happen in hundreds of thousands, they take it an event in a twinkling. For instance, if a certain channeler talks that axis of earth movement is gonna happen any time soon, it sounds like it’s gonna happen in a few years.

2. Irresponsible statement

It’s unclear who’s responsible for statements. No one calls extraterrestrials, angels and other mysterious beings to account for their statements. But that doesn’t mean that channelers are responsible for that because they only carry messages in the middle. They will say, “Don’t blame me, I’m only the messenger!” Then who is responsible for wrong information? Mysterious beings and channelers are free from the burden of proof ; listeners just take entirely the accountability for results of contents of messages. Suppose there is a man who believes channelers’ messages about Earth’s magnetic field changing and its related global cataclysmic changes. For that reason, he digs the ground and builds a shipping container fortress in preparation for the catastrophe. He quit his job and staked all his fortune on the preparation work – building an underground base, disaster kit and other essential supplies like food and water for many years – in the ground. However, predicted global catastrophe hasn’t happened over the years. He misjudged the global change and suffers a great loss. Mysterious beings or channelers who predicted that the Earth will experience a great catastrophe are not responsible for that. The less discerning doomsday prepper, of course, is fully responsible for such loss. But the problem is there were many people like him. Especially before 2012, there were lots of apocalyptists who believed in the 2012 apocalypse.


To sum up, most of them contained unrealistic and irresponsible substandard information of no use.

In addition, in my own sight, there were many other flaws as well.

One of flaws was that they lacked physical (visible, tangible) proof. Anyway, human beings are in the 3rd dimensional world and nonmaterial mysterious beings aim just at human beings, then they must have matched their activities to humans’ standard. This being so, if an extraterrestrial is the right being, the extraterrestrial must leave when working on Earth or speaking through a human channeler unless there are strong security reasons.

For years I had to fight against the spread of indiscriminate information and truth mingled with falsehood. But that doesn’t mean that all information and its messenger is a complete sham. Every lie or liar is based on a truth or truthful person bottom.

Meanwhile, in early 2014, I found an American who had been channeling to an archangel of the Pleiades. To my surprise, the channeler knew her for a long time. They knew each other from the remote past before the channeler was born in Earth. She told me through her pleiadian friend and I had an opportunity to communicate with her in six years!