I stored the channeler’s email messages on my laptop, but sadly, in doing backup & restoring OS, the hard disk partition was removed and lost all stored data. So I am searching my memory and writing the conversations with her and the entity.

When I say the situation at that time might be a delusion, she said it was real and revealed herself in my normal consciousness in order to convince me of the moment we’re together. As expected, it was more than a one-night stand. She told me we procreated. (The channeler used the word ‘procreate’ instead of other common words.) And she added, “But that is not the be all and end all.”
It seemed that the procreation of a child was just the beginning and she wanted to have a better future.

She seemed to be silent as to her private details, even her name. And She did’t speak much with me as possible. She didn’t utter a word about the child. I thought it’s probably her consideration for me to lighten the burden of supporting the child.

Of cause, I could not afford to support. Because it was all I can do to feed myself. I was poor, and still. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something strange about my poverty. At first, I thought I was not capable of being out of poverty, but as time passed, I began to doubt whether it was caused by my incompetent or other reasons. For what it’s worth, something unknowable seemed to hold back improvements in my financial circumstances. In other words, this world seemed to have turned so cold, but that’s just my opinion.

I have no fixed asset, stocks and bonds after all this time. In addition, I tacitly renounced my rights to the inheritance. But then again, it is amazing that I have been out of debt over the past decade or more. Considering most Coreans’ liabilities are less than assets and suffer from financial strains such as interest payment, let alone the leverage effect of debt financing, I am not relatively poor but eat one meal a day and use a bike as a primary form of transportation. If it wasn’t, because no possession, no debt?

Gosh, my story began to wander off the topic!

When I asked her native place, she said that she and the entity she belongs to didn’t have a particular hometown planet and they were spread out all over the universe. She implied that she was just related to people in the Andromeda Galaxy currently. To judge from what she said, the galaxy is not a place where her real home planet is located, but it’ll be fine that she is an andromedan. It’s like I used to be a citizen of TaeBaek in Gangwon province even though my hometown is Gyeongsan in Gyeongsang province.


Andromeda_Galaxy_(with_h-alpha).jpgM31, The Andromeda Galaxy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andromeda_Galaxy)